Team 1C Charity

Team 1C became a registered Charity on the 8th September 2022, although we have been operating as a collective of charitable people since 2016. We are committed to supporting cardiac families within the North West as well as supporting the work of selected charities overseas who provide fund and provide care for children and families not lucky enough to have a national health service. 

Governing Documents and Policies

Here you can find all of our policies and documents.


This is our Team 1C governing document and lays the foundation for the work we carry out.


How we look after your information


Our policy for ensuring that all children who attend our events and in our circle of care are treated appropriately.

Financial Management

The way we look after our money is important for the causes we support.

Code of Behaviour

Our policy for the way we conduct ourselves as a charity and the way our volunteers should act and behave.

Whistle Blowing Policy

What to do if you think something is untoward within the charity.

Conflicts of Interest

The Team 1C policy for declaring any conflicts of interest when allocating monies.

Cookies and Privacy

What happens with your online information. How it is collected and stored.

Large Legacies

Policy for larger donations.

Due Diligence

Making sure we get the most out of the money we receive.

Volunteer Management

Policy for our volunteers.

Equal Opportunities

Making sure that everyone has equal and fair opportunities within Team 1C

Charity Number: 1200312