How can you support Team 1C?

Team 1C is run entirely by volunteers and we are always looking for extra help! One of the best ways you can help Team 1C is actually free! Please like and share our posts across social media. A share is worth it's weight in gold. You never know who will see it and be inspired or feel compelled to help us. You can volunteer your time and help us at our events. We have lots planned in the coming year so we will be looking for lots of friendly faces to help with collections and to make sure our events run smoothly. 

Like and Share!

We put a fair amount of time and effort into our social media and our online campaigns; however, we can only do so much. Algorithms mean our reach is limited. This is where likes and shares come in! The more our posts and liked and shared, the more the internet thinks people should see it, so it appears higher up on everyone's content. It may not seem much but every like and share really does help us!

Sponsor and donate

We have many events running through the year which we like to put on for our families. Many of the families in our circles miss out on 'normal' events and experiences so we like to make sure there are things for cardiac families in the North West to enjoy. If you are in a position to sponsor an event to reduce the cost to the charity, that would amazing. 


We rely on volunteers to run our events and help out on some of our projects and crazy schemes. We often need volunteers to make sure events run smoothly. Volunteers to take part in projects like our Mac House day. Volunteers to do things like walk on fire... you know, normal things like that!

Charity Number: 1200312