Why Team 1C?

Ward 1C is the Cardiac Ward in Alder Hey Children's Hospital. Team 1C is a collective of parents who met through Ward 1C, but we aren't an official charity of the Ward or Alder Hey Children's Hospital.


Team 1C was founded following an informal chat by the Orange desk on the Ward. While we may not be an official branch of Alder Hey we work closely alongside the hospital and the staff and support them in every way we can. We all feel we owe them so much and this is our way of giving back and saying thanks.

Our Links with Alder Hey

We might not be an official part of the hospital but we are recognised by Alder Hey on their website (click the picture) and we are 'friends' of the Ward. You may well have been directed here by Ward 1C staff or via one of our posters/leaflets. 

We are not an exclusive club. We love to meet other members of the cardiac community and want to help as many families as we can.

Our Support Network

We look to support families across the North West dealing with navigating all the different aspects of the Cardiac World they have found themselves thrust into. We aim to create a safe space for siblings of cardiac children, mental health support for families struggling to deal with some of the experiences they have been through, and create some positive opportunities and fun events for all.

#Team 1C

Team 1C are on the Major Donors board for our donations to Alder Hey and all the donations we have made to Ward 1C.

We aren't exclusive to Alder Hey or Ward 1C but we have done a lot for the Ward. Click the image to see just some of the things we've done for Ward 1C.

What does Team 1C do?

Team 1C at Home

Team 1C recognise the impact that CHD has on our member families and our own children. We aim to create fun and exciting events and opportunities for our members to help them experience some of the things they, or their siblings may have missed while in hospital.

Team 1C Over seas

We know how 'lucky' we are here in the UK to not have to worry about our children having access to expert medical facilities or care. Team 1C know what it is like to have to hand your child over to a doctor, not knowing whether or not they will survive... but we know they at least have a chance, and it doesn't cost us anything. Our mission is to give families around the world that same opportunity.

How can you help Team 1C?

Supporting Events

Team 1C have annual events and fundraisers which could not happen without all of our supporters helping us. Join our mailing list to make sure you don't miss anything BIG!

Follow Our Socials

To be more successful, we need to be known far and wide. You can really help us by liking and sharing our posts and tagging us on social media. The best thing about this is... it won't cost you a penny.

Buy Some Merch!

Get yourself a Team 1C hoodie or some of our other quality merchandise!


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